The Lackawanna Neighborhood

River City Church has a vision to see God transform the Lackawanna and surrounding neighborhoods into places of authentic and holistic prosperity. We also desire to experience intimacy with God and personal transformation as we join God in His passion for the lost and the poor. 

Street Corner & Prayer Walk

Every Saturday at 7:30am, residents of the neighborhood arrive outside of the White House at 309 S McDuff Ave. to pick up donated goods. We follow this with a Prayer Walk to give away grocery bags and pray for residents.



Over the years, we have traveled to locations such as Cuba, Costa Rica, and Haiti to spread the gospel, build relationships and minister to those we come in contact with. If you'd like more information on our Missions ministry, please contact Craig Curell.

Missions Nights

In 2015, we'll be holding a quarterly Missions Night for people who are interested in getting involved. This will be a way to meet people who are like minded in your passion for missions, hear stories about past trips, and find out how you can get involved with future trips.